.NET Core and Mono open source frameworks, and available IDEs.

C# IDEs in Fedora

Visual Studio Code

.NET Core Only

Visual Studio Code (aka VS Code) is plugin-based IDE that by itself won’t just run C#. You have to install the C# plugin, and NuGet Package Manager.

Download the Visual Studio Code at code.visualstudio.com and the C# Extension at marketplace.visualstudio.com


.NET Core and Mono

You can use the aCute plugin on top of the established and popular Eclipse IDE. This C# extension for Eclipse IDE relies on OmniSharp and Language Server Protocol. It comes with complete edition features for C# in the Eclipse IDE, relying on the Eclipse IDE provides all typical features of a good IDE (Polyglot development, SCM, deployment…) and give access to a rich ecosystem of extensions for about all existing technologies.

$ sudo dnf install eclipse eclipse-mpc

then install the aCute extension from Eclipse Marketplace


Mono only

MonoDevelop provides the best C# experience on Mono, the open-source multiplatform implementation of the .NET Framework.


$ sudo dnf install monodevelop


What would we recommend? VS Code is great for .NET Core and MonoDevelop for Mono. C# in Eclipse IDE is still young and not very friendly to former Windows developer, but it can be useful if you’re already an Eclipse IDE user.