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Fedora Planet

Friday’s Fedora Facts: 2023-05

Here’s your weekly Fedora report. Read what happened this week and what’s coming up. Your contributions are welcome (see the end of the post)! Fedora...

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PHPUnit 10

RPM of PHPUnit version 10 are available in remi repository for Fedora ≥ 35 and for Enterprise Linux (CentOS, RHEL, Alma, Rocky...). Documentation : PHPUnit...

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PHP version 8.1.15 and 8.2.2

RPMs of PHP version 8.2.2 are available in remi-modular repository for Fedora ≥ 35 and Enterprise Linux ≥ 8 (RHEL, Alma, CentOS, Rocky...) and in...

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Announcing the Display/HDR hackfest

Hi all, This is Carlos Soriano, Engineering Manager at the GPU team at Red Hat. I’m here together with Sebastian Wick, primary HDR developer at...

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