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Integrating rebase-helper with an upstream monitoring service

This chapter demonstrates how to include rebase-helper in your upstream monitoring service. If you would like to integrate rebase-helper into your upstream monitoring services, this chapter is for you. Rebase-helper provides an API which you can use either directly from Python, or directly from the command line.

Patch new upstream version and start scratch builds

Example of patching new sources and starting scratch builds with fedpkg. This returns task_ids. The bash equivalents are included for comparison:

Python API

from rebasehelper.application import Application
cli = CLI(['--non-interactive', '--builds-nowait', '--buildtool', 'fedpkg', 'upstream_version'])
rh = Application(cli)
rh.set_upstream_monitoring() # Switch rebase-helper to upstream release monitoring mode.


rebase-helper --non-interactive --builds-nowait --buildtool fedpkg upstream_version

Download logs and RPMs and compare with tools like abipkgdiff

Python API

cli = CLI(['--non-interactive', '--builds-nowait', '--buildtool', 'fedpkg', '--build-tasks', 'old_id,new_id']) # Downloads RPMs, logs and runs checkers and provides logs.
rh.get_rebasehelper_data() # Get all information about the results


rebase-helper --non-interactive --builds-nowait --buildtool fedpkg --build-tasks old_id,new_id

Authors: Frank Dana