Web Application

Short introduction to web application development


Hugo is a fast and modern static site generator written in Go, and designed to make website creation fun again.


$ sudo dnf install hugo

Creating a new website

If you are starting a new website, instead of creating all the necessary files yourself you can use the hugo new command.

$ hugo new site my-site
$ cd my-site

The command will generate all the directories and config.toml files for your new website but you need to install a theme before building the site.

Add a theme

Hugo have a list of themes on https://themes.gohugo.io/ that you can browse or you can create one yourself. Most themes use git so you just need to add them as git submodules:

$ git init
$ git submodule add https://github.com/budparr/gohugo-theme-ananke.git themes/ananke

To use the theme you need to add the theme parameter to the config.toml file

Running Hugo built in server

Hugo comes with a built in web server to use if you don’t want to install a web server. To run the server, you need to type:

$ hugo server

If you are editing and want to see your drafts, add the -D flag

Authors: Yotam Nachum