A general-purpose, imperative computer programming language, especially suited to numeric computation and scientific computing.

Fortran installation and usage

gfortran installation

Fortran is a compiled language and as such it needs a compiler. To install gfortran compiler, simply type:

$ sudo dnf install gcc-gfortran

This command should download and install package with compiler called gfortran. Create a Fortran program your_source.f90. .f90 is the standard file extension for modern Fortran source files. The 90 refers to the first modern Fortran standard in 1990. To compile and link the program, simply run the gfortran command like this:

$ gfortran your_source.f90

This will produce a binary file created from your source code. By default, this binary file is named a.out. You can run this binary by typing:

$ ./a.out

There are many options you can use when running the compiler. To specify the binary file name, you can use:

$ gfortran your_source.f90 -o your_binary

You can run this binary file by typing:

$ ./your_binary

To see the man page of gfortran, simply type:

$ man gfortran


Authors: Jagat Kafle