An advanced, general-purpose, purely-functional programming language with non-strict semantics and strong static typing.


Leksah is a Haskell IDE written in Haskell using Gtk. It offers workspaces for complex project with multiple packages with automatic build of dependencies. It enables standard IDE features (debugging, auto completition etc.).

To install Leksah run command:

$ sudo dnf install ghc cabal-install

or install Haskell Platform by command:

$ sudo dnf install haskell-platform

You have to also install the necessary libraries for successful build by:

$ sudo dnf install gobject-introspection-devel webkitgtk3-devel gtksourceview3-devel

You can than install the IDE using cabal. First update all the packages by:

$ cabal update

Now upgrade cabal to the latest stable version:

$ cabal install Cabal

Install build packages and tools:

$ cabal install alex happy
$ cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools

Install the IDE:

$ cabal install leksah

Than you can run the IDE:

$ leksah

NOTE: It might happen that you need to reboot the system before using Leksah.

Authors: Martin Tomes, Yussuf Khalil