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Perl modules

Fedora currently ships with over three thousand of actively maintained Perl modules in its repositories; in most cases installing the module of your choice should be as simple as:

$ sudo dnf install 'perl(My::Module)'

If available, this is the preferred method.

If you require a module that is not already available, you may still install them with the common Perl utilities such as cpan from Perl core:

$ sudo cpan My::Module

or the popular cpanm:

$ sudo dnf install cpanminus
$ sudo cpanm My::Module

However, note that binary modules installed this way may seemingly inexplicably break after upgrading to a newer Fedora release. The reason is Perl does not maintain binary compatibility between major versions. If this happens, remember to reinstall the local modules with:

$ sudo cpan -f -i My::Module


$ sudo cpanm --reinstall My::Module

Authors: Adam Samalik, Jarek Prokop, Josef Stribny, Nick Dirschel, Petr Hracek