Platform for distributed applications.

sen is a terminal user interface for docker engine. It allows you to interact with docker within your terminal. You can:

  • start, stop, remove, inspect your containers and images
  • fetch logs, or even view logs real-time
  • searching and filtering with the interface
  • sen updates listing as events occur (e.g. you can docker pull an image in other terminal and it will become available automatically in the interface)
  • keybindings are inspired by vim
  • and much more!

Feel free to visit original project page for more information.


Very simple! Just run:

$ sudo dnf install -y sen


In case you haven’t set up your docker instance, please follow this guide.

Make sure that docker daemon is running:

$ systemctl is-active docker


Run sen from your terminal:

$ sen

(sen requires access to docker, you may need to run it with root privileges if your user cannot access docker)

Then you will be presented with list of all your containers and images. You can navigate via arrows. Sample commands are:

  • s — start a container
  • t — stop a container
  • d — delete a container or an image
  • f — follow logs of a container
  • l — get all logs of a container
  • i — inspect a container or an image

For more commands, type h to access help page.

Authors: Adam Samalik, Tomas Tomecek