.NET Platforms

.NET Core and Mono are open-source .NET platforms. .NET applications are developed using the C#, F# and VB.NET programming languages.

.NET Core Installation

Enable the .NET SIG’s copr repository repository:

$ sudo dnf copr enable @dotnet-sig/dotnet

Install the latest SDK:

$ sudo dnf install dotnet

Or a specific version:

# Install .NET Core 2.1 SDK
$ sudo dnf install dotnet-sdk-2.1

To install runtime only, for example to merely deploy already prebuilt applications, where x stands for major and y stands for minor version:

$ sudo dnf install dotnet-runtime-x.y

Preview packages can be installed after enabling the preview copr repository repository:

$ sudo dnf copr enable @dotnet-sig/dotnet-preview
$ sudo dnf install dotnet-sdk-x.y

Getting Started

You can create your first console app following instructions in this official guide.

Authors: Tom Deseyn