Node.js and npm

Starting from Fedora 24, npm is a part of Node.js package and does not need to be installed separately. Therefore, to install both npm and Node.js, you need to run:

$ sudo dnf install nodejs

In case you are running Fedora 23, you should run:

$ sudo dnf install npm

This will install V8 Javascript Engine, Node.js runtime and npm package manager and their dependencies. Versions present in repositories are usually current or to-be (in Rawhide) Node.js LTS releases, including npm and V8 engine that come with them.

If you wish to install Node.js v4:

$ sudo dnf install nodejs --releasever=24

If you need Node.js v6:

$ sudo dnf install nodejs --releasever=25

Installing Node.js modules is covered in Node.js modules.

Authors: Adam Samalik, Josef Stribny, Zuzana Svetlikova