Server-side HTML embedded scripting language.

PEAR Installation

The PHP Extension and Application Repository is a repository of PHP software code. To install PEAR, type:

$ sudo dnf install php-pear

Upstream PEAR modules

Use pear command to install PEAR extensions. To install Mail_Mime package (for example), type:

$ sudo pear install Mail_Mime

You can find more PEAR modules at official PEAR site.

PEAR modules from official Fedora repositories

Many PEAR modules are packaged and available in base Fedora to install. Not all these packages have php-pear-` prefix to upstream PEAR names, so you can browse list of them online.

To install Mail_Mime you therefore install php-pear-Mail-Mime package:

$ sudo dnf install php-pear-Mail-Mime

Authors: Adam Samalik, Josef Stribny, Petr Hracek