Server-side HTML embedded scripting language.


PHP Installation

To install PHP, simply type:

$ sudo dnf install php-cli

Above command will install latest stable PHP packages, which includes the command-line interface executing PHP scripts, /usr/bin/php executable, and the CGI interface.

You might want to install some other packages, e.g. PHPUnit for unit tests or Composer to manage dependencies of PHP projects. You can install them with:

$ sudo dnf install phpunit composer

PHP modules

PHP provides only a few set of extensions, other should be installed separately. Packages of PHP modules are prefixed with php-, so if you need e.g. mysqli extension, use:

$ sudo dnf install php-mysqli

PHP Development Server

PHP contains simple web server which can be used instead of full-featured web server. It is intended to be used only for development, not for a production environment.

You can start PHP development server by typing this in your project’s root:

$ sudo php --server localhost:8080 --docroot  .

Server will be accessible on http://localhost:8080/.

Authors: Adam Samalik, František Zatloukal, Josef Stribny, Petr Hracek