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Downloading Vagrant images from Atlas

HashiCorp hosts an index of images that you can use with Vagrant. To download an image using Vagrant you need to know the organization name as well as the individual image name. In the case of Fedora we have the Fedora organization and under that we have different boxes that can be used. An example of one of those is the fedora/34-cloud-base Vagrant box. You can download this box with the following command:

$ vagrant box add fedora/34-cloud-base

This will ask you which provider you want to download the Vagrant box for. You can choose libvirt or virtualbox based on which one of those virtual machine technologies you are using.

After downloading this image you can then start up a machine with:

$ vagrant init fedora/34-cloud-base && vagrant up

NOTE you can skip the vagrant box add command if you want to. The vagrant up command will automatically consult Atlas for that named box and download it if it exists.

Upgrading Vagrant images from Atlas

If you want to update the Vagrant box image at a later time you can do so by issuing the following command:

vagrant box update --box fedora/34-cloud-base

Authors: Antonín Mrkvica, Dusty Mabe