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Vagrant with VirtualBox support installation

To use Vagrant with VirtualBox, you just need to install the vagrant package:

$ sudo dnf install vagrant

Vagrant itself comes with the support for VirtualBox baked-in. Unfortunately, VirtualBox is not part of Fedora and needs to be installed separately from the official project page.

How to use Vagrant together with VirtualBox can be found in Vagrant official documentation.

Using VirtualBox as a default

Fedora project cannot support VirtualBox provider in Fedora and therefore the default Vagrant provider has been changed from VirtualBox to libvirt. To use VirtualBox provider with any Vagrant commands, one has to explicitly append --provider=virtualbox.

To avoid this, you can set the default provider for your project in the beginning of your Vagrantfile as:

# Vagrantfile

Or set it for your environment with:


Authors: Adam Samalik, Jiri Popelka, Josef Stribny, Josef Strzibny