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Vagrant plugins

Upstream plugins

There are many more plugins for Vagrant apart from the providers mentioned here. They come in form of Ruby gems and usually have vargant- prefix in their name.

To install such a plugin from type:

$ vagrant plugin install PLUGIN

If the installation fails it’s most likely similar to installation failures of other gems.

To search for Vagrant plugins you can directly search

Packaged plugins

Some Vagrant plugins are packaged for Fedora and delivered as system plugins (in Vagrant terminology). If available they are the preferred method of getting Vagrant plugins on Fedora, especially because the installation is most likely without issues.

To install the plugin from Fedora repositories type:

$ sudo dnf install PLUGIN

To list available packaged gems try:

$ dnf search vagrant-*


vagrant-registration plugin for Vagrant allows developers to easily register their guests for updates on systems with a subscription model (like Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

This plugin would run register action on vagrant up before any provisioning and unregister on vagrant halt or vagrant destroy. The actions then call the registration capabilities that have to be provided for given OS.

More information on the project page.

Authors: Adam Samalik, Josef Stribny, Josef Strzibny